1. Testimonial 1

    Shannon has been tutoring my son in math for several years and she's wonderful! She's well-versed in a broad range of subjects, energetic, inspiring, and she has a knack for explaining difficult concepts in a way that students can understand. She's also helped my son with the study and planning skills that are so essential to succeed in high school, helping him raise his grades from Cs to As and Bs. Shannon gets results because she's committed to helping her students excel and sharing her passion for learning. I highly recommend her and Marin Tutors.
    - Jon ,  Parent of a Redwood High School junior, Larkspur Subject(s): Math

  2. Testimonial 2

    I can't tell you what a tremendous help Seth was to us in dealing with statistics meltdowns. What a professional. He not only has the ability to break down complex material into a streamlined, easy to understand format, but he has a way of instilling confidence in the student. His can-do attitude is contagious and after a few sessions, my daughter achieved a level of competence we never thought possible.
    - Sandy Richards ,  Parent of Tamalpais High School senior, Mill Valley Subject(s): Statistics

  3. Testimonial 3

    Dear Parents, Shannon has tutored my daughter for five years since fifth grade both in math and in English. Our family is so grateful for Shannon's dedication to our daughter's education. She has given my daughter a strong foundation and with it a great sense of self-confidence. Just this year with Shannon's recommendation, we are working with Seth on chemistry and the S.A.T.. Within a short time period my daughter's understanding of chemistry and her test taking skills have rapidly excelled. Seth has given my daughter so much clarity in complex topics and amazing test taking techniques. We are thrilled to have these wonderful,smart and caring tutors on our side. Signed, Parent of a U.H.S. sophomore
    - Soo ,  Parent of a University High School sophomore, San Francisco Subject(s): Math, chemistry, writing and the SAT

  4. Testimonial 4

    After only a few months of tutoring, Andrew was able to turn my daughter's interest in science around and bring her grade up. Andrew is compassionate and fun loving in his teaching.
    - Lois ,  Parent of a Tamalpais High School freshman, Mill Valley Subject(s): Science

  5. Testimonial 5

    I have been able to get a tutor for every one of my subjects within 12 hours of calling. The service is fast, reliable and professional. The tutors are extremely knowledgeable in the material they teach. My teachers tell me that my subject comprehension has dramatically increased. The tutors are very pleasant to work with and very flexible. I would highly recommend this service to anyone who is seeking a competitive edge in the classroom.
    - Chris ,  College student Subject(s): Math and chemistry

  6. Testimonial 6

    My daughter has had several different math tutors over the last four years, but no one has worked with her as well as Shannon. Shannon has the math expertise, patience, and a gift for clearly explaining complicated math concepts. She is efficient with her tutorial time and my daughter has benefited with improved grades.
    - Pamela ,  Parent of a Marin Catholic junior, Kentfield Subject(s): Advanced Algebra II

  7. Testimonial 7

    I have used Marin Tutors for the past 5 years. This is by far the best tutoring service I have used. The tutors are great! They really know each person's learning style and needs. Thanks so much for all of the help you have given me with my schoolwork.
    - Crystal ,  Redwood High School student, Larkspur Subject(s): math and statistics

  8. Testimonial 8

    Devon did a fantastic job tutoring my daughter, Cara, in 9th grade Integrated Science and English. Cara's school year would not have been the same without Devon's support, teaching skills and wonderful attitude.
    - Lois Campton ,  Parent of a Tamalpais High School freshman, Mill Valley Subject(s): science

  9. Testimonial 9

    Jasper is an attentive, effective tutor with a natural gift for communicating with teenagers. She is reliable, on time and responsible about her appointments and general scheduling issues. I found her comments to be thoughtful, insightful and accurate. A thumbs up from our family!
    - Lise ,  Parent of a Tamalpais High School freshman, Mill Valley Subject(s): math

  10. Testimonial 10

    Seth really helped my daughter understand the basics in chemistry. He was very knowledgeable and was great at explaining complex ideas. Thanks Seth!
    - Susan ,  Parent of a San Marin High School junior, Novato Subject(s): chemistry

  11. Testimonial 11

    As the mother of two children who have always struggled in math, finding Shannon has been a miracle. Both my son and daughter have worked with numerous tutors in the past but none of them can compare to Shannon. My son worked with Shannon for a year and a half while he was a student at Marin Catholic. Many times, he had the highest math test/quiz scores for which he attributed to the method which Shannon explained the concepts. My daughter, a student at Marin Catholic as well, took an online course in geometry, and worked steadily with Shannon to successfully complete this challenging course on time. Both of my children enjoyed working with her, and she built their confidence and refined their skills in algebra and geometry. As the parent, I appreciate Shannon's positive energy and the professional way she approaches her tutoring business. We often receive telephone calls from Shannon inquiring about the success of recent test or quiz grade, proving that she is truly concerned about her students. Shannon has numerous tutors that we have also used in other subjects. These tutors have demonstrated the same proficiency and care in their specialized area of knowledge.
    - Rebecca Brucia ,  Parent of a Marin Catholic High School senior, Kentfield Subject(s): math and college essays

  12. Testimonial 12

    As a parent I would like to thank you, Shannon, for inspiring Mia and giving her a greater love of math. Mia has built her math confidence with you. She is inspired to do her homework and extra credit math because of the relationship she has with you. Mia feels safe to take risks and work hard; it is hard to believe that this is the same student you met a year ago. We are thrilled with her personal growth, successful mastery of math and relationship with you.
    - Julie Rudick ,  Parent of a Ring Mountain Day School 6th grader, Mill Valley Subject(s): math

  13. Testimonial 13

    We are writing to let you know that our son, Peter, has a wonderful, glorious HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA in his hands. This probably wouldn't have happened if we weren't lucky enough to have found Paul and enlisted his services. Before we met, Peter was in despair because he wasn't passing his Algebra II class. He hadn't been studying or turning in homework and was so far behind in the work that it just didn't seem possible to catch up. But, because of your motivation and patience, that all turned around in a short time. You were a mentor who held Peter accountable for his fate. You encouraged him to put his brain to work and continually supported his uphill battle, championing him and arming him with skills and determination. We appreciate so much that you were very flexible and came to our home for private sessions, even on the weekend! We are truly impressed and highly recommend your services to anyone in need.
    - Tamara Turati ,  Parent of a Novato High School graduating senior Subject(s): Algebra II

  14. Testimonial 14

    Luca reached his Math SSAT goal-raising his score by a big leap thanks to Gadiel. You will hear from us again! Happy New Year! -Judi
    - Judi ,  8th grade student Subject(s): SSAT MATH

  15. Testimonial 15

    Gadiel was fantastic. I'm happy to give him a reference whenever needed. Thank you so much for your great tutoring services-we greatly appreciate them.
    - Karen ,  Parent of a Redwood High School senior, Larkspur Subject(s): Geometry and SAT

  16. Testimonial 16

    Dear Shannon, Big day tomorrow-ACT test-and Daisy is feeling in good shape! Thank you for bringing Scott into her life and world. He is like a guardian angel. -Moira
    - Moira ,  Parent of a Branson senior Subject(s): ACT, Chem. and Pre-Calculus